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HydroWatch Installation at the Sugar Hollow Trout Hatchery Fill Site

The Sugar Hollow Fill Site in Tunkhannock, PA has 6 filling stanchions with a raised reservoir that holds 2.5 million gallons of fresh water.

Stanchions 5 & 6 with the truck operator control stations are in the foreground with step by step instructions in the background.

Filling stanchions 1, 2, & 3 each have their own operator panel. Each operator panel is connected to the HydroWatch Enterprise Level SCADA System via Ethernet communications for real-time control and data acquisition.

When a truck operator hooks up to the filling stanchion, the drilling company logo is selected, and the truck operator then enters the hauling company name, truck number, and site ID number of the water delivery location.

2 water trucks filling from Stanchions 3 & 4. At the completion of the filling, a report is generated that includes the fill time, gallons transferred, average flow rate, and customer information.

The HydroWatch control center is located in the security shed at the filling station for local monitoring and control. The Ethernet-based equipment is connected to a remote server that is web-enabled for the complete control & monitoring of all aspects of functionality at the fill station.

HydroWatch In the News

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“Len and his team were instrumental in bringing everything together for us. From the displays to the integrative controls, the system operates exactly as how we hoped and beyond.”

-Dr. Daniel Williams
Sugar Hollow Trout Hatchery

Wirerope Works, Inc.


Support at Wirerope Works includes machine installations, automation support, and drive installation for new and machine upgrades. The images to the right are of a wire buncher that was experiencing network disconnections during drive enabling.

The image to the right is a close up of the wire buncher PLC (Siemens S7-315) with a new Profibus Network isolator that was installed to filter noise and harmonics from the network communications.

“Our most productive machines have complex automation controls. When a failure occurs I call in Len and his team. They respond immediately to isolate the problem. Len’s extensive contacts have been instrumental in securing special components and their expertise has been invaluable in quickly returning our machines to full production.”

-Mike Catino
Engineering Manager