Crawford Technical Services History

Crawford Technical Services was started by Len Crawford III, in 2009, after working for several years with an industrial manufacturer, distributor, and electrical contractor. With numerous industrial manufacturing contacts in the region, Crawford Technical Services grew rapidly and earned a reputation for superior technical solutions with competitive pricing.

In 2010, Len started using his expertise in the Shale Gas drilling industry. He quickly began to specialize in water withdrawal sites, and saw that there was a definite need to integrate the various systems involved in a water withdrawal site (flow monitoring, water levels, frost control, security cameras, etc.). His observations led him to develop HydroWatch™. HydroWatch™ provides unparalleled site monitoring and real time data for site managers, and the data can be accessed on site or remotely. His first HydroWatch™ installation was a huge success and he began to actively market his system to the drilling industry.

In 2011, Crawford Technical Services joined forces with industry leader ALEDco, Inc. With this partnership, Crawford Technical Services and ALEDco could provide all the services needed to build a customized water withdrawal site from start to finish. They quickly became leaders in the region for automated pumping systems with the integration of HydroWatch™. Today, both companies continue to develop and design turn-key solutions that include both electrical and mechanical advancements for gas drilling companies.

Through excellent customer service and innovative solutions, Crawford Technical Services has become a leading service provider for both manufacturing customers and shale gas drilling companies.

Crawford Technical Services focuses on:

  • Customized & Innovative Solutions
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Support
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