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Create an App like Viber or WhatsApp

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Custom Messaging Application Development Company

If you have an idea to create your own instant messaging app like Viber, Space-O can help you. We have experience in developing custom messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp.

From idea validation to publishing it on the App Store or Play Store, Space-O has developed over 4400 mobile application solutions. Developing a messaging app like Viber and WhatsApp is one of our core expertise. Want to validate your app idea from our experienced app consultant? Let’s talk.

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Ashton Asherian

Want to Create a Custom Messaging App?

We have experience in developing custom Messaging apps with advanced features. Let’s get in touch.

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How Much Does an App Like Viber Cost?

We offer affordable app development and customization. There are a lot of factors that affect the pricing of the app, for example, customization, the platform on which the app is to be built, etc. On average, the Viber app for iPhone would cost you around “954 hours” of development and the Android App would cost you around “1081 hours” of development.

DeliverablesDescriptionEstimated Man Hours 
DevelopmentGraphics DesignQC/TestingProject ManagementTOTAL
(I) iOS Application1. Business Analysis & Communication2033228
2. Base Code & Architecture101.51.5114
3. Features:
3.1. Registration121.
3.2. Facebook Integration81.21.20.811.2
3.3. Chat:
3.3.1. Base304.54.5342
3.3.2. Groups182.72.71.825.2
3.3.3. Stickers2033228
3.3.4. Video & Image Messages182.72.71.825.2
3.3.5. Location81.21.20.811.2
3.3.6. Drawings304.54.5342
3.3.7. Voice Messages2033228
3.3.8. Animations6099684
3.3.8. Discover (Blogs)304.54.5342
3.4. Contacts & Profiles263.93.92.636.4
3.5. Voice Calls4066456
3.6. More:
3.6.1. Settings2033228
3.6.2. Sticker Market182.72.71.825.2
3.6.3. Add New Contact + QR codes2033228
3.6.4. About40.
3.6.5. Tell a Friend121.
3.6.6. Viber Out162.42.41.622.4
3.7. Video Calls558.258.255.577
4. Push Notifications81.21.20.811.2
5. In-App Purchase81.21.20.811.2
6. Base Server Interaction142.12.11.419.6
7. Graphics Design Integration304.54.5342
(II) Android ApplicationsAndroid considered as 120% of iOS development932.4
(III) С++ Server Socket Module1. Business Analysis & Communication162.41.620
2. Server Architecture & Protocol Design162.41.620
3. Base Code182.71.822.5
4. Connection Management81.20.810
5. Protocol Packet Parser81.20.810
6. Base Database Integration121.81.215
7. Client Login, Auth/Registation81.20.810
8. Client Number Verification81.20.810
9. Contact List Generation81.20.810
10. Broadcast Group60.90.67.5
11. Operations with Contact List and Broadcast Groups121.81.215
12. Message Processing81.20.810
13. Messaging Media Data121.81.215
14. User Profile Operations121.81.215
15. Undelivered Messages121.81.215
16. Push notifications162.41.620
17. Phone number verification121.81.215
18. Secure Connections60.90.67.5
29. Voice Connection Manager121.81.215
20. Simple Chat-bot for Testing101.5112.5
21. Bot Stress/Logic Testing121.81.215
22. Deployment & Testing on Dev & Live Server243.62.430

Let’s get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss with you on your app idea once we have the basic information. If you want to compete with Viber like application, you need to integrate unique, the most-demanding features in your application. That’s the only way you can compete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically the exact ETA depends upon the App’s specifications and other variables. On getting detailed requirement to create the app, it will approximately take about 4-5 weeks.

Once you’re with the Viber application, it will automatically import all your contacts in the middle contacts section. This helps in making the calls quickly or send messages using viber or as per your normal data plan which in turn creates a one-stop-shop for voice calling and messaging.

It will automatically respond to a viber message as an incoming SMS message which will save the trouble of jumping between the apps and help keep your texting under control.

The app allows for group text chat, with many features like image and media sharing, emoticons, push notification,etc.

It uses your phone number to identify you on the network and therefore does not require logging in and out each time

With our expertise and hands-on experience in app development, you surely can make good money by creating the following:

  • Advertisement – Ads need not be an annoyance anymore if they are leveraged sensibly. Your anonymous confession apps like Viber can be punched with the same idea.
  • Gizmos rewards/ Price/ Points System
  • In-App Purchases – There are 100s of ways to utilize In App purchase for making money

Depending upon the purpose that is selected, our team of developers at Space-O certifies that the developed code is properly tested and confirms as per the requirements. Along with this our marketing team will research and figure out best possible ways to promote the App. However, if you intend to just make an app like Viber for the purpose of Cloning, it might not work. We don’t clone the app. Viber is just for the example, which means we can develop an app like Viber with all its unique features. We don’t have any ready-made source code, or script to develop it. Figure out a niche around how Viber like apps works and you can leverage our team.

Our testimonial speaks by itself, kindly have a glance through our testimonial page. Space-O believes in “Trust” and values the clients time & money. We would be more than happy to serve you if you could take up on any pilot project and experience yourself if the requirements have been accomplished to the mark.